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These conditions apply to the use of the Website www.wiredfund.co.uk. On the Website, services are offered by WiredFund and the Axial Group of Companies or our contacts or any relevant provider of credit. When you use the Website, you agree to expressly agree to the applicability of these conditions.

You must keep your username and password, if applicable, secret at all times and a password that's not easy to figure out. The use of your account is personal. You are not allowed to let others use your account and / or to give your login details to others. Please note: you are responsible and liable for all actions and transactions that are carried out with your account after successful login with your details. You are not allowed to use your account in any way that may be harmful to the Websites and / or the security thereof.



You may only use our Websites to:
i. To obtain information about our products and services.
ii. Communicate with us.
iii. To request credit from us.
iv. View details of your account with us

It is only permitted to use the Website in accordance with these conditions. The Websites are intended for legal entities and natural persons aged 18 and older in connection with business activities. The Website is not meant for consumers. If you do not meet these conditions, you do not have to use the Website.


It is expressly not allowed to:

i. Use information about our products and services to develop and / or offer competitive products or services.
ii. Use our Websites in a manner that may be harmful to us, to our Websites or to third parties.
iii. Distribute information or harmful materials through our Websites to other users of our Websites.



Our Websites contains components, such as images, text and the underlying software, where intellectual property rights rest. These rights belong to us or our suppliers / licensors. It is not allowed to reproduce any element or part of the Websites, publicly make or use commercially, without our prior consent. All copyrights are expressly reserved for these.



WiredFund compiles the Website with care, but it is possible that incorrect and / or incomplete information is published on parts of the Website. WiredFund is not liable for any damage resulting from incorrect or incomplete information on the Website, or for any damage resulting from the use of the Website. WiredFund is also not liable for any damage resulting from the (temporary) unavailability of the Website, regardless of the reason and regardless of whether this applies only to you or to everyone. Our Website may contain links to third-party websites. These links are for information purposes only and do not mean that WiredFund checks or agrees to the content or correctness of these websites, or that there is a cooperation between WiredFund and the (owner of) these websites. WiredFund is not responsible for the content of third party websites and is not liable for any damage related to the other websites. You are liable for any damage resulting from the use of these Websites in violation of these conditions and indemnify WiredFund against any
claims in this respect


WiredFund can change these conditions from time to time. WiredFund will notify you of such a change by mentioning it on the Website. If you do not agree with the change, you must discontinue your access to and use of the Website. If you continue to have access to and use of the Website, you will be deemed to have accepted the change



WiredFund can take the Website offline at any time and / or deny you access to (any secure part of) the Website.



i. This Website may place and access certain Cookies on your computer. WiredFund and Axial may use Cookies to improve your experience of using the Website and to improve our range of services. We have carefully chosen these Cookies and has taken steps to ensure that your privacy is protected and respected at all times.
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iii. Before the Website places Cookies on your computer, you will be presented with a message bar requesting your consent to set those Cookies. By giving your consent to the placing of Cookies, you are enabling WiredFund and Axial to provide a better experience and service to
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